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Record TV audiences to deliver a TV Shopping Boom

Audience numbers continue to increase over the last 5 weeks, as does the amount they watch; up by around 40 minutes a day across all stations, and 16% more across commercial channels. Online shopping has seen similar gains - in online clothing, home goods and jewellery purchases, increasing by around 30% in March this year compared to 2019. It looks like a winning combination: increased audiences and increased propensity to buy, with so much time on our hands.

So, it is expected that TV shopping, and specifically TV Warehouse audiences, will benefit enormously with accompanying increased conversions to product sales.

The growth in overall TV audience figures comes when TV Warehouse continues to expand its distribution platforms from Sky (channel 676), Freeview in the Greater Manchester region (channel 90) and now via Connected Freeview, channel 271, which adds another 12.7m homes to reach a total 22m households as its buying audiences. With the majority of homes in the UK having TV's connected to the internet, TV shopping and e-commerce merge for the end user.

TV Warehouse has not only been expanding its reach across its broadcast channels, which also includes its streaming channel to reach a world-wide audience, it is shortly to add shorter slot times orientated to the SME's and smaller manufacturers in the UK. (June 2020)

TV shopping continues its popularity with buyers, with retail stores shut down and shoppers turning to online shopping. TV Warehouse covers all markets and also produces video content for clients for online and TV shopping - a unique combination in today's market. With less advertising being bought by brands who can't deliver or are not open to customers, any advertiser who continues to advertise products or services that can be bought, or delivered direct to home, has an advantage over its competitors if it continues to use TV. In fact, Procter and Gamble announced last week that they will continue to market their large range of household products on TV. For More Information...

If you can see the benefits that we can offer at this time and have a product that you would like to see on TV and across our other digital platforms, either for the first time or as a returning client, then please email mark.dodd@canismedia.com or steve.webber@canismedia.com. Alternatively call +44(0)20 3883 4090 and start using the power of TV to sell!