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Record audience figures offer a greater opportunity now

With lockdown now fully in place during April, and no changes for at least a few more weeks, it's no surprise that the huge increase in TV viewing and audiences continues to build. After all, we are a captive audience at the moment. Audience numbers continue to increase over the last 5 weeks, as does the amount they watch; up by around 40 minutes a day across all stations, and 16% more across commercial channels. Kantar’s recent research in March, before the lockdown really took control, shows how TV was already benefiting:

The Manchester Television Network (MTVN) Freeview Multiplex, serving the Greater Manchester Area, is exclusively managed by Canis Television & Media. Manchester is fast becoming the UK's second city in terms of economic growth and the Northern Powerhouse; it is expanding fast with a population of more than 7 million living within one hour of the city centre and rising numbers of new households and multicultural audiences within the area. Join other major broadcasters on MTVN now - MTVN already hosts Sony Entertainment and Universal Music channels as well as TV Warehouse - the UK’s leading independent shopping channel. MTVN is now able to offer one more channel to the market and, during these difficult times for companies, will discount the carriage fees by 25% for the first 3 months to any new applicant. Content owners are also able to use this broadcast platform to launch their own curated content as a new broadcast channel. MTVN can edit content and schedule a 24-hour TV channel in-house to create a new broadcast channel in the Greater Manchester region, as well as on other streaming platforms. With an imminent re-tune event about to take place across all Freeview channels, now is exactly the right time to gain a dynamic new audience at very competitive prices. What is the Manchester Television Network?

Manchester Television Network (MTVN) is a regional Freeview Multiplex which has the capacity for several 24/7 video and radio services - these are broadcast on Freeview in the Greater Manchester Area and can also be streamed online.

MTVN coverage is approximately 1 million households - 5.6% of all Freeview homes in UK, or approximately 2.5 million individuals. Broadcast price per household is a fraction of a national multiplex. MTVN Transmission facilities are based at Arqiva’s Winter Hill site – the principal site used for terrestrial broadcast in the North West of England. MTVN has recently invested in a new Antenna which has been mounted in a prime position to increase coverage even further, and transmitter power has been increased to extend coverage and reception in line with Ofcom regulations.

The Network

MTVN is a Free-to-air TV service (Regional DTT), exclusively represented by Canis Television & Media which carries six TV channels via the Freeview platform in the Greater Manchester Area. These unique channels are accessed through the Freeview programme guide (EPG) at the next available channel number in the relevant genre and are broadcast in standard definition. This is a linear, broadcast TV service - not an IP or on-demand service. MTVN offers broadcasters a route to a 24 hour service on the Freeview television platform in the Greater Manchester Area.

These services are part of a Freeview viewer's normal Freeview reception in the coverage area – they will automatically receive our channels like any other channel on Freeview.

We offer channel providers an option where traditional national Freeview broadcast may not be a suitable option for a variety of reasons, such as economic or localised distribution. MTVN is an incubator opportunity to learn about the benefits of Freeview distribution in the UK at an economic price. Distribution

MTVN reaches in excess of 1 million households in the dynamic region of Manchester, the UK’s second city. MTVN offers broadcasters and content owners an economic channel to market of approximately 2.5 million viewers.

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MTVN provides a unique opportunity for international content owners and overseas channels to test market the suitability of their programming to Freeview audiences. The cost of access in such a market is much lower than T2 Freeview coverage and the full UK Freeview service. MTVN is highly suitable to independent channel broadcasters and content owners wanting to economically target companies and consumer audiences located within the Greater Manchester Area. Manchester is part of the Northern Powerhouse and is ideally suitable demographically to reach a diverse population.

MTVN currently hosts channels from major broadcasters across a range topics and genres. The network has hosted most major broadcasters through the last 6 years, including Sony, Universal, TV Warehouse and Global Media & Entertainment. MTVN has proved to be highly successful to a major range of broadcasters targeting the dynamic and proactive audiences of Manchester at a moderate cost. The carriage costs are in-line with the level of households and we invite broadcasters and content owners to discuss their content, budgets and availability of spectrum. Broadcast

MTVN have recently been able to install a direct line into the Winter Hill transmitter. Now content owners can gain, for the first time, direct and economic access to the audiences, providing the content is curated and ready for transmission. This allows great flexibility and benefit which previously was denied as the broadcast stream beforehand was solely the rebroadcast of existing streams of content.

MTVN carries 6 video channels at any one time therefore there is considerable competition to broadcast on this network. From movies, music, shopping channels and entertainment - all genres have proved to be successful, underpinning the high quality audiences in the Greater Manchester Area. Services

Six 24/7 video streams and 10 radio stations are available on MTVN – currently leased to a mix of established blue chip channels broadcasting on other platforms, including Entertainment, Music, Teleshopping, Movies and Children’s content/channels. Channels can also day-part capacity, allowing for more than six services via timesharing. Channels that would benefit from this form of distribution include Teleshopping, Music and General Entertainment, through to ethnically focused and niche channels. Broadcasters do not need to be able to deliver content or a signal to Winter Hill – we can redistribute an existing signal from another broadcast platform, ie. DSAT, Sky, DTT - or Canis can provide locally or remotely hosted playout, via our direct contribution circuit to the site.

Capacity on MTVN can start at a fraction of the cost of launching on a national multiplex.

In addition, we can provide a wide range of services, including Ofcom licensing liaison, scheduling, playout, dynamic and measurable ad insertion for non BARB channels, compliance, commercial sales and full channel management facilities and opportunities to launch on other platforms including satellite and online. Radio

MTVN has recently opened up its capacity for a maximum of 10 mono radio stations across Greater Manchester.

  • Commercial radio revenues continues to maintain share in 2018

  • Live listening remains strong (Q1 2019, 89% of UK adults listened to at least five minutes of live radio each week)

  • Digital listeners increased to 56% of share of listening (Source: Ofcom Media Nations 2019)

  • Available to 1 million homes in Greater Manchester area

  • Potential listenership of more than 2.5 million adults

  • Signal stretching as far north as Bolton and Rochdale, south to Crewe and west to Warrington

  • Digital fibre line to transmitter, so no need to be based in Manchester


  • Freeview carries only 18 commercial stations presently

  • Greater reach and much lower CPT than Small scale DAB Manchester trials - 2,800,0000 vs 466,000 potential listeners

  • Much less competition from other radio stations than on other media platforms such as FM/DAB +100 National & local stations, Sky +85 stations

  • Appear on Freeview EPG channel 734 onwards

  • Radio information available on Freeview app

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