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Linear TV Channels can now generate dynamic advertising revenue on Freeview

Canis Television & Media 16 Limited, the UK market leader in Connected Freeview Services, today launched a new digital service using brand new advert insertion technology, allowing linear TV Channels to generate digital advertising revenue for the first time on Freeview.

"Linear TV Channels can now generate dynamic advertising revenue on Freeview, without the need for BARB measurement and its associated costs"

London, UK: This month Canis Television & Media and Media 16, its exclusive media sales house, have jointly launched a brand new service for linear TV channels on Connected Freeview. This service offers incremental advertising revenue directly through dynamic adverting insertion (DAI). This is a UK first and dependent on specific UK technology which has been launched after extensive development by our technology provider and internal technical team. The first channel to use this technology in the UK is "Country Music Entertainment" which recently launched on Freeview channel 271 and was developed with the participation of Canis Television & Media.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our current linear TV clients a UK first for using this new technology, providing increased distribution on Freeview at greatly reduced costs, and now additional digital advertising revenue especially relevant in today’s advertising market which has been negatively affected by the Covid 19 virus pandemic” says Mark Dodd, Commercial Director at Canis Television & Media.

“TV channels, or content providers, that sign up jointly with Canis Television & Media and Media 16 for distribution on Freeview channel 271 or via their own Connected Freeview LCN will be able to take advantage of this valuable additional advertising revenue”.

"A significant range of exciting technologies to support these new revenue generating opportunities have been introduced into the Canis Television & Media portfolio of broadcast services, and will directly benefit existing and new customers" added David Wright, Managing Director at Canis Television & Media.

“Connected Freeview offers a compelling opportunity for brands to reach a new and highly engaged audience on Freeview. It is a unique blend of linear and connected television and represents a rapidly growing sector in the market. We’re delighted to offer this service to brands and media agencies across the UK” said Joe Evea, Director of Media 16.

Benefits of Dynamic Advertising Insertion (DAI) include:

1. The technology platform reports back the actual commercial impacts to the advertisers and their agencies, in a similar manner to online advertising reporting, without the need for BARB fees to be paid.

2. It delivers greatly significantly higher cost per thousand (CPM) advertising rates, when compared to traditional advertising CPM rates.

3. Advertisers can launch within two weeks for channels already using their own IP delivery of a linear TV service via an HLS stream with SCTE35 markers.

For more information on digital advertising revenue see www.connectedfreeview.com